2021 – 22 Program Highlights

  • 12-month program kicks-off September 24th, 2021 and runs through August 2022
  • Goal – help participants become stronger and better able to achieve sustainable, profitable growth
  • Commitment – Attend six 3-hour training sessions, participate in regular in-person meetings with advisors, conduct regular goal setting and progress assessments, and prepare a year-end analysis of the program.
  • Session topics based on needs of participants
  • Session dates and locations established at beginning of program with input from participants
  • Thanks to the generosity of the BBVA Foundation and The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation, the program fee of $1200 will be waived for 2021 participants.

NewSpring’s Business Edge program is dedicated to growing companies and creating jobs in Houston communities, such as Spring Branch and West Houston, by assisting small companies in navigating the treacherous road to sustainable growth. NewSpring Edge’s team of leaders have a proven track record of growing companies. Participants get the benefit of mentoring, training, and working with other same stage companies.

NewSpring Business Edge, established in 2018, is a 12-month program that guides businesses operating beyond the plan/start-up stage. The program teams-up experienced advisors, including entrepreneurs and community leaders, to help participants set measurable business goals, apply a proven frame-work to support goals and growth, and maintain the momentum with bi-monthly meetings.

At NewSpring Business Edge we believe that through the power of our knowledge, we can help you build a successful business with a defined value statement that contributes to local economic development and strengthens the community.

What they’re saying about Newspring Business Edge:

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"We appreciate the opportunity for our employees to learn more about how our business operates and the deeper considerations that go into our policies, marketing, and growth decisions. We also find the personalized business advising and overall support to be invaluable.
"The presentation on business finance presented many ideas that we can directly apply to our business. I like the informal nature of the speaker presentations and the general Q &A after the speaker’s presentation.
"It is a privilege to learn from and be inspired by these experts and visionaries. It has opened my eyes to a whole world of business that I did not know existed, and continues to influence how I think about my own position and career.
"The conversations we’ve all had and the speakers you have brought in have been relevant, insightful, and inspirational. As a side note, I began our sessions in a state of near business burn-out/ frustration/ fatigue. With every session, I feel a little more rejuvenated and feel my creative energy flowing again.
"The Newspring Edge program is the perfect complement for the Business Plan Competition, because there is so much to learn in so little time and Edge will go in depth, not only on theory, but with real life practices that will bring your game to the next level. This is what Newspring Edge offers: support, advise, experience and wisdom from all the mentors, volunteers and members that are in charge of the program. I am grateful and feel blessed that I am part of it.