NewSpring CREATES delivers a world class, after-school and summer program that develops students’ proficiency in visual arts, technology and project management while nurturing the skills students need to succeed and become employable. As part of this program, students will learn to apply elements from visual arts (elementary) to digital arts (middle school) to entrepreneurial skills (high school) as students plan, organize and deliver our annual student art auction event. They will also explore how various jobs and industries are leveraging the creative arts fields.

CREATES Competencies and Skills

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Is motivated, leverages curiosity, and takes calculated risks.
  • Creative problem solving: Routinely seeks to find solutions - even to the most complex challenges - able to consider several different possible solutions, leveraging creativity and an innovator’s mindset.
  • Collaboration & Communication: Communicates clearly and professionally with team and partners. Leverages individual and team strengths to achieve common goals.
  • Self-Direction & Reliability: Takes initiative and is dependable as an individual contributor and as part of the team.
  • Project Management: Manages a project to completion, including identifying and monitoring milestones, and ensuring accountability for achieving results. Ensures on-time completion and quality of the  deliverables and outcomes. Ensures the team has adequate resources.
Elementary CREATES delivers a world class, after-school Visual Arts program where students are able to practice communication and creative thinking skills through engaging, high-interest art projects and field experiences.
Middle School CREATES introduces students to the Digital Arts program which focuses on the intersection between arts and technology. This program fosters proficiency in technology and introduces students to its application in various industries.
High School CREATES emphasizes leadership and entrepreneurship, involving students in planning and executing the annual Art Auction while providing hands-on experiences and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset for their future endeavors.