The 2020 Virtual Luncheon was a tremendous success!

We are grateful to each sponsor, friend, volunteer and company who joined us. Thank you for making it possible for NewSpring to serve others through our Visual Arts programs and the Business Edge mentoring program for small business owners. And please enjoy the video program and share with others to help spread the word about NewSpring.

Thank You to Our In-Kind Donors

Juan Islas, videographer

Luiza Grandchamp, donation of handmade necklace

Segreto Finishes, donation of design books and paint

Katie and Chris Fields, donation of Galveston beach house

Moon Valley Nurseries, donation of tree and planting

Many board members for the donation of wines

A special thanks to Russell Etheridge for his guidance and production of the video program.

We are proud to support Luminary Productions, a partner of Cornerstone Family Ministries, which is a registered 501 (c) (3).

2019 Luncheon Gallery