Thanks to everyone who came out to support NewSpring's Inaugural Fundraiser, Calle Artistica, an Art Auction by Students, For Students.

It was a wonderful evening to visit with all the student artists, view the professional artists and enjoy the live art being created at the event. The music by Serious Moonlighters filled the space and helped to create a fabulous evening. Thanks to Spring Street Studios at Sawyer Yards, for providing an amazing location for our event.

If you missed the event, there is still time to bid on artwork - take a look! 

If you have any questions about NewSpring's reimagined Art Auction contact Jessica Nichols or Angela Cheves at 832-289-6865 or email with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions for Student Artists

Q: Will my art be framed?

A: All 2-D pieces not on gallery-wrapped canvas will be matted for display. Artwork on gallery-wrapped canvas must be wired for hanging and 3-D pieces will be displayed on tables for viewing by the potential buyers.

Q: What do you mean by “dimensions”?

A: We are asking for the size of your finished, unframed piece. Please list dimensions as height x width x depth. Depth must only be included if your work is three-dimensional and is not necessary for 2-D pieces.

Q: Can I submit pieces that were previously submitted to Rodeo or VASE?

A: Yes, you may submit pieces previously submitted to other contests so long as they have already been returned to you.

Q: Should I sign my piece? Where?

A: Your pieces must be signed discreetly on the back or front, bottom right corner of the piece.

Q: What size should my piece be?

A: 2-D pieces should not exceed 18" x 24" inches; 3-D pieces should not exceed 36” high or 18” wide. There is no minimum size.

Q: How many pieces may I submit?

A: We recommend submitting your best five pieces of art but we will only select up to three of your pieces. You will submit entries through the NewSpring website. If you have any further questions, contact your teacher. Your teacher will notify students of accepted artwork.

Q: Should I give a name/title to my piece?

A: Yes, a title is MANDATORY for your pieces.

Q: Can I get a photo of my piece for my portfolio?

A: Yes, you can request a photo electronically of your piece by emailing with your name and the title of the piece.

Q: Is digital art/photography accepted?

A: Yes! Be sure to follow the guidelines of the digital file requirements. Must be saved in a high resolution/PNG file and no larger than 10 MB

Q: What about studies/references? It that acceptable to submit?

A: Masterwork studies are fine as it’s not copyright and using public domain works. It’s highly recommended you include the picture you’re referencing in your submission if possible. As long as there’s no tracing involved!

Q: What if I make art based on a song I listened to?

A: That’s acceptable as well, however please state the song clearly in the artist statement.

Q: Is nudity/violence accepted in the auction?

A: We ask students to keep their artworks SFW and PG-13.