Who We Are

We are followers of Christ: professionals, business men and women, artists, teachers and supporters who believe that helping others to create pathways to career and financial opportunity is an important part of our Christian witness.

Our Vision

Providing a new beginning for those who strive for cultural enrichment, economic opportunities, and spiritual growth.

Our Mission

We deliver visual arts and mentoring programs that inspire students and their families to achieve a better life.

Our Values

Through our work, we honor our Lord and love our neighbors.
Among our staff, board, and volunteers, our prayers are on our lips. Among our participants, our prayers are through our deeds.
We strive to open the eyes of the students and families that we serve to the possibilities of the future.
We respect and love each other as equals.
We will approach all relationships with the spirit of respect and cooperation.
We serve to make a difference in our community and in ourselves.
We embrace and promote diversity and inclusivity across all levels of our organization.
We holistically support underserved students and their families in the development of their minds, hearts, and souls.
Our programs foster confidence and self-sufficiency in our participants.
We build and maintain partnerships with the churches, schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses who are actively engaged with the students and families that we serve.
We adhere to the highest standards of integrity with all stakeholders.
We live our mission by maximizing our resources to provide exceptional and sustainable service to our students and their families.
We foster long-term relationships with our students, their families, and all our volunteers, donors, supporters, and alumni.