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Natividad Mosqueda, Summer 2020

Fresh from the University of Houston-Downtown graduation in May, Natividad gladly accepted the contract art teacher position for Passport to the World 2020. From the start, she was ready to adapt and deliver quality art education and instruction for our program that transitioned from in-person to virtual, thanks to COVID. With help from Juan Islas, Natividad and Nadine set up her lights, cameras and computer and Natividad got to work. Natividad utilized Zoom as her virtual teaching platform for both the elementary and middle/high school PTTW 8-week camps. Students bonded with Natividad who is like a big sister to them and showed off their creativity with her each week. Now embarking on a new challenge, Natividad is teaching Art to all grades and Math to 7th graders at the Academy of Accelerated Learning, a charter school. From student and scholarship recipient to our Passport to the World summer camp teacher, and now a certified teacher, we could not be more proud of the strong and independent young woman she has become or more envious of the students who are blessed to call her their teacher. Go get ‘em, Natividad!

"…Newspring has been a huge part of my life and has seen me become who I am today. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was welcomed into an art studio by strangers who became a family. I was accepted, challenged, mentored and loved. Two years later, I came back to Newspring to volunteer through college because I knew that I could do something purposeful there." ~ Natividad Mosqueda


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