NewSpring Scholarships

The goal of the NewSpring Scholarship program is not only to enable students to attend college but more importantly to graduate. We are focused on providing encouragement and opportunity for deserving students who will be the first in their family to attend college. Selected students will receive up to $5000 to cover education and living expenses for a twelve-month period. We have been blessed with very generous donors who make our scholarships possible.

If you are interested in applying, please contact our office in February of any year at or 713-590-0100.

Scholarship Application for the 2023-24 Academic Year are now open as of April 19th. Applications are due on Thursday, May 18th by 5:00p.m.

Email to obtain an application.


Current Scholarship Recipients

Daniela Cruz

Daniela graduated from Northbrook High School in 2018. She is in her final year at the University of Houston-Downtown, majoring in Elementary Bilingual Education, and on track to get her teacher certification.
With a rising demand for teachers, there’s no doubt that I chose the right path because I’m willing to make a difference. Lessons about patience are all around me; in the retail job I had during the pandemic, in reflections on a college course, Education Young Children, and in my life. I had put immense pressure on myself to go to college and to graduate in the specified timeframe. I have now realized that the track I am on is personal to me…and that I am succeeding and learning all along the way as I work, volunteer and make it to 8am classes. My journey is just beginning. I am dedicated to my dream of being a teacher and making my grandmother and parents proud.

Aileen Fuentes Martinez

Aileen is a 2020 graduate of Northbrook High School. She is now a junior at Texas Southern University majoring in Music Education.
I want to honor my father, and bring happiness to the eyes of my mother. I want to prove to myself that I am truly strong and can accomplish anything- that I can and will continue to fight to earn and complete my education. I am Aileen Fuentes Martinez and I want to earn my Music Education Degree, for it is my dream to one day be a university professor and look into the eyes that shine like mine with eagerness to do something greater than ourselves.

Hoan My Le

Hoan My Le is a 2022 Memorial High School Graduate. She is beginning her first year at the University of Houston, planning to major in Entrepreneurship.
For certain jobs, a college degree is not necessary, and Entrepreneurship (which I plan to major in) is one of them. However, I see college as an opportunity. I hope to acquire prospective investors, allies, and knowledge of several business branches, such as accounting, finance, and management; I also want more experience as an employee or intern so I can learn how to apply this information to my future business. For me, this is a start before I get a taste of what it’s really like to graduate, open a business, and live my life MY way.

Kevin Hernandez

Kevin is a 2022 Northbrook High School graduate. He is starting his first year at Houston Community College, in the Engineering Science program. After earning his associates degree, he plans to transfer to UT Tyler to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
l am the first of my family who is going to college. They are proud of me and I did work very hard for my parents and l made sacrifices to have good grades and also to be ready for college. l love my education and family, l do this for them. l want to be a good engineer and have a job to help my parents with the rent and make our lives better. That’s why we came to this country because it is the promised land. The American dream for me is to go to HCC and study to do all my best for my lovely mother because she is my hero.

Edmi Salazar

Edmi graduated from Northbrook High School in 2020. She is in her sophomore year at Houston Baptist University majoring in Interactive Media with a concentration in Animation, Game Design, and Graphic Design.
During my time at HBU, I have learned and met many amazing people and having small classes made me feel more connected to my teachers and made learning easier. Most of the success I had this academic year has been personal and intellectual. Working for Ev1pro, having my own first car, trying to open a small business, going to school, and learning new things are some of the successes I have had. The most important thing I learned and I will use in the future is to follow my instincts and take care of my health, not only physically but most importantly mentally.