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  • Art classes that inspire students to be creative thinkers for life while learning the fundamentals of art.

    Free tuition is provided to students attending SBISD schools, who participate in the free/reduced lunch program. 95% of our students attend at no cost.

    $65 per month provides one student with bi-weekly classes per month.


  • Art Supplies are the tools that make art lessons and creativity come to life in the after-school and summer programs.

    $20 per month provides art supplies for one student.


  • Field Trips to museums, theaters and public displays around our city open the eyes and minds of students to experiences beyond their neighborhoods and open a world of possibilities.

    $600 funds a field trip for 30 students, providing transportation and entrance fees.


  • NewSpring invests in young adult’s lives each summer by hiring student interns to work in the office, gain experience and earn an income. During the nine weeks, we build relationships and coach each intern on a variety of soft skills, further preparing them for interviews, communications and writing in the workplace.

    $2,000 funds an internship for one month.


  • Students ‘travel’ each week to a different country and learn about the art, history, people and cultures of our diverse world.

    $110 per week funds one student the full week.