MetroNational Mural Newspring Student Collaboration

The mural is called “Stained Glass Butterflies” and was originally created for the Student Art Auction Poster Competition held in April by Alisson Terreros. When Newspring was asked to submit a design to MetroNational for a possible mural, Alisson adapted the design in Photoshop to fit the new dimensions and submitted it for consideration. Professional sign painter Mel Eason of Joybrush Design is mentoring Newspring students in the art of mural painting. The artists who are painting the mural onsite include Aileen Fuentes Martinez, a freshman at the University of North Texas and graduate of Northbrook High School; Alisson Terreros, a junior from Westchester Academy; Selene Peralta, a senior at Yes Prep Northbrook High School; and Daniela Cruz, a sophomore at Houston Community College and graduate of Northbrook High School.
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Newspring is excited to have this opportunity with MetroNational to put the spotlight on some of our amazingly talented students… For them to be able to learn from Mel Eason, who is a professional sign painter, and glean knowledge from her experiences in art as a trade is priceless. Our students are learning application methods and working on a medium none of them have experienced…They have been looking forward to this new experience in their individual art journeys.
Katie Fields Newspring’s Director of Development
Designing this mural was really fun to do… I thought why not make something simple and colorful? I decided to do triangular shapes and just went with the colors and added them as I went through. I also decided to add some colorful butterflies to make it more interesting and stand out. I chose butterflies because it brought me back to the spring season: colorful and alive.
Alisson Spring Branch Student